Why People Are Stuck With Finances And How UX Design Can Change It

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Have you ever thought why you are bad at understanding and planning your finances? Why is your debt almost as big as your pay check? Why you are so reckless with your money after a payday?
Answer is simple…

Read full article: https://medium.com/@uxdesignagency/why-people-are-stuck-with-finances-and-how-technology-can-change-it-a342949c0d13#.dzypekh5a

This intro speech created special for TEDx Riga by Alberts Pumpurs, UXDesignAgency.com Account Director/UX Architect.

UXDesignAgency helping online banks and fintech startups to engage their customers with delightful user experience through user-centered design.
In past 3 years our UX consultants and UI designers have successfully architected 30+ user interface solutions for financial industry. We combine design with scientific approach based on cognitive psychology to ensure solutions that delight customers and solve their problems. UX Design Agency provide worldwide solutions, for financial services operating in Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Tel Aviv, London, Chicago, Seattle, Berlin, Singapore, Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam, Stockholm, San Francisco, Tokyo, etc.
Our team would be happy to make your online service design simple and clear. We are experienced in digital banking, fintech, payments, forex, CFD, fast loans and charity. Our service includes usability/business/customers research, information architecting, ux strategy, ux consulting, ux architecting, user journey mapping, web ui design, mobile ui app design, tablet ui design, wearable ui design, ui prototyping, testing.
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