What the #$%@ is UX Design?

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http://uxmastery.com In this video I explain not only what UX Design is, but also why you should learn more about it, regardless of your job. Visit http://uxmastery.com for user experience design tips, tools and training.

* Check out http://uxmastery.com/get-started/ for tips on how to get started in UX Design.
* Music track: “Bounce” by Randy Conrado, a musician from New York. Check out his other stuff at http://randyconrado.com.


Jessie Liu says:

Great introduction to the UX Design! Thanks! 

walkinhop says:

Where the World has come to…It could be so very simple if you think about
it. A business wants to make money and sustain making money. Best way to do
it in the long run is offer a quality product or service. Focus on the word
quality. UX design is just what the project manager should have in mind.
You don’t need a separate person specializing in it. The way we are going,
in a few years we will have “button expert”, “elevator door opener”,
“morning behavior expert”, “breathing adviser”, “blinking expert”, “green
color expert” and last but not least, the book “how children should play in
the sand”. 

3dphipps says:

Very informative, and straightforward take on UX. Thanks!

Oyedeji Amao says:

Great intro to a course I was scared of.

pulkit776 says:

You tell us that UX designers do a lot of Research but can u tell us that
what kind of researches are they and how they effect the UI Design and How
can a designer integrate those researches with his/her design ?? 

Geranie Balkonov says:

A new buzz word for the obvious.

Moin Khan says:

good introduction of UX 🙂 

MRK Designs says:

Great video by Matthew Magain – What the #$%@ is UX Design? – YouTube

Kahotapu Black says:

Kool Video about UX, a User Centered Design Approach to developing
projects, Websites, Products and More. this is the type of stuff i am
currently learning! #Informative #UX #Design #Products #Kool
#UserFocused #WEb #Interesting #Awesome #designer 

DeepDarkier says:

Hahaha, mindblow at the end

Hooman sth says:

Great video. actually I’m a web developer and recently a company offered me
a UI/UX designer with a very high rate but I’m not that confident because I
don’t have any idea what I should do in the job and what tools should I
work with. any suggestions?

Guy Routledge says:

What the #$%@ is UX Design? – YouTube

TeeracK says:

bad video. doesn’t really explain anything just gives a bunch o non

Brian Coy says:

Does anyone know who produced or did the actual work on this video?

angeegold says:

Nicely done. Start to finish.

walkinhop says:

Oh, i almost forgot. The world doesn’t need more UX designers. It needs
more professionals thinking about the user satisfaction.


Interesting, it really helped me see the simplicity of the career.

Amalia Zeinita says:

cool :D

Rais Mohamad Najib says:

Cool video, Give more view about UX Design. Thanks bro

Gregory Bauer says:

Excellent! This video was exactly what I was looking for. 

Lauren Anthone says:

My new direction.

umixstory teng says:

The world need more UX designers:)

Hon Chun Loh says:

What the #$%@ is UX Design?: http://youtu.be/Ovj4hFxko7c

Keith Hampton says:

If you are already a THINKING designer who is not just making “pretty
designs” but making FUNCTIONAL designs, then you’ve already been doing UX
long before the corporate muckies came up with a clever acronym to: A.
describe the job you’re already supposed to be doing – and – B. create a
special niche position for someone who can’t design worth a crap but has a
brother that’s in management and can wrangle them a job telling the
designers what to do.

itsj3world says:

Well said UX Designer.
I like the way you ‘zoom out’ camera. It’s Typography Design.
Thank you for remembering my recent video #TypographyDubai .

Tony Daussat says:

Good video! Although, I must say I laughed when you said “It’s not that
hard” and then the very next thing was “It’s challenging” lol cheers

e eklipzz says:

I’d also like to submit that if someone is interested in learning more
about UX, that they check out this reading list.

User Experience Reading List: Getting Started in User Experience

Axehay says:

Very very well presented and inspiring video…! helped me a lot…since i
am looking out for an masters in interaction course

Mike Weiner says:

Pay attention everyone in supply chain and logistics and let’s change our
focus up a bit!!!!

AndreSito De la Cruz says:

Thaaank you Matt! 

Brad Kelly says:

Its better that you get used to some of the online tools available for
in-depth consideration and wire-framing 

Maxime Martin says:
XO PIXEL says:

Great video!

Jeff Blanchard says:

Great overview, though I find the background music detracts from the UX of
this video.

TheThepusherman7 says:

Bit vague

armchaireyes says:

This sounds like something I would love to do as I am always asking
questions and want to know Every Little Detail, and I am tired of doing
“traditional” graphic design. But how does one get started?

Bruny Gallery NYC says:

Great video Mat! Very informative thanks!!

Geeta Pahalajani says:

Thank you…. Explains well… what UX design is in a nutshell…. :)

DreamWarrior says:

thank you so much for this info! I think I found my career!

Dots United GmbH says:

What the #$%@ is #UX Design?

Nehad Hirmiz says:

Beautifully Done 🙂 Thank you

colmcq says:

question everything

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