Mobile phone firm targets older users with simple to use handsets

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Mobile phone technology is constantly becoming faster, smarter and more complex, but for some sections of society that’s not always a good thing.

Now one mobile phone maker in London is attempting to address the problem of older people who find new technology difficult to use.

Joyce is an 89-year-old woman who has lived in the same house her entire life. Like large sections of Britain’s older population, at times Joyce can feel lonely and isolated. She’s one of a number of people testing out the new simpler phones.

“Well, I’ve never known life without a phone”, said Joyce. “So I can only imagine I’d feel very cut off without it. Which means all the time you’re in contact with somebody, which is very, very helpful”

The company behind the stripped-back devices is London-based Ownfone.

The tech company prides itself on making perhaps the world’s simplest mobile phone.

Each device is individually customised with the names – or even faces – of a set of pre-programmed contact


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