Machine Liker – Facebook Auto Liker – Tutorial for Mobile Users [Chrome]

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Machine Liker Tutorial for Mobile Users, this tutorial is in chrome browser of Android!
Alternative tutorial in text:

1- Turn on your Facebook Profile Followers
2- Make your post/photo privacy in public
3- Go to and get the token by following the steps
4- After login in dashboard, if you need likes on your status you will find your latest 10 statuses and same with photos, if you need for any other id of your friend or page posts, submit there their post/photos id. That’s it.

You’ll get at least 100 likes per submit. By using it after every 15 minutes, you can get Maximum 8000 (8k) Likes! I hope you’ll like it.

Desktop version:
Mobile version:

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Perfect !!

Mustafa Hassan says:

Watch in 480p, 720p or 1080p. So, you can better understand!

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