Lesson 1 – Organizing Our Site – Information Architecture

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Please visit http://www.byobwebsite.com/05/video-tutorials/how-to-make-an-e-commerce-website/using-wordpress-and-thesis/overview/ for more.

The goal of this tutorial series is to show you how to create a fully functional e-commerce Web site using WordPress, Thesis and WP EStore. This tutorial series assumes you have a hosting account with a domain name and WordPress installed on that domain. It also assumes that you have the Thesis theme installed and activated on that site. If this is not the case please review the material in our Start Building Your Web Site Here tutorial series first.

In this lesson we’ll explore the organization of this e-commerce Web site and look at all the building blocks we’ll be using to create it. So in Part 1 of the lesson – tour of the demonstration Web site for this purpose; in Part 2 of this lesson – overview of the organization or of the information architecture of the new site; Parts 3 through 6 – four major components of our site.


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