Facebook users divided over ‘dislike’ button

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Facebook users took to the social media site to react to the company’s decision to test what Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg called a “dislike button” – and not everyone liked the idea.
In a town hall-style question and answer session Tuesday, Zuckerberg took questions from users about topics ranging from virtual reality to his wife’s pregnancy.
Yet most Facebook users fixated on his announcement that the 1.5-billion user social network was working on adding a button other than “like.”
Users flooded Zuckerberg’s official Facebook page with nearly 3,000 comments largely about the dislike option.
While some said they would use Facebook more if the button were introduced, others said it would lead to cyberbullying and more negativity on the site.
Users have been asking for a dislike button for several years, Zuckerberg said, though it may not necessarily be named dislike or be represented with a thumbs down.
He added that the company was preparing to test a version of the button.


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